Laddu Dabba - Small



An assortment of our signature laddus packed in a small handmade solid brass box from India.
  • Sindhi Laddu (the classic Sindhi laddu that was born in Karachi, Pakistan during pre-partition). 3 pieces
  • Besan Laddu (Indian chickpea fudge). 3 pieces.
  • Rose Laddu (coconut, cashew & rose bring vibrance to the traditional laddu). 3 pieces.
  • Pondi bars (the Bombay Mix mixed with marshmallows and turned into a bar – it’s spicy, sweet, crispy and maybe the most unique bar you will ever taste). 2 pieces. 
  • Crack balls (a blend of laddoo and cake crumbs, cardamom-scented milk cake, toasted nuts, and spices dipped in chocolate). 3 pieces. 

Collections: Edibles, Ladoos & Mithai, Packages

Category: sweet box, variety packages

Type: special

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